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 Open -Mothers Day


Open Call for Reservation 




                                                      Start- Shrimp Chowder


                                   Ceaser Salad or German Cucumber Salad


                                                        Shrimp and Scallop Qucille


                                                                                                             Scotish Salmon

                                    Baked encrusted with fresh hearbs served with lemon beaur Blanc sauce

                                                                                                     Angus Prime Ribs

                                                  14-Oz Served with Au Jus and horse radish sauce

                      Entrees are complit with whipped potatoes and Freach green Beans or German red cabbage

                                                                                                           and fresh bakery basket

                         Desserts: Lemon Choclate Cake Or Bavarian Cream Puff

                                                                            $ 55 for Person

                                                                        Reservatin Call

Phone: (386) 985-5535

Hours of Operation:

Restaurant Dinner Service:

Thursday - Saturday:
5:00PM - 9:00PM
Sunday - Wednesday:

Bakery Hours:

Wednesday - Sunday:
9:00AM - 2:00PM
Monday - Tuesday:
salad with bleu cheese and strawberries
wooden wine rack stocked with various wines
breaded meat in a mushroom sauce with side of vegetables
dining area with booths and tables with chairs
banana pudding
cold cut sandwich with sides
outside front entrance of restaurant


4640 US-17
DeLeon Springs, FL 32130
Tel: 386-985-5535
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Phone: (386) 985-5535